Our Staff

  Kindergarten Teams

  Mrs. Burroughs, Ms. Vandenheuvel and Mrs. Robertson

  Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Guest

  Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Lewis

  Mrs. Grasley, Ms. Scott and Mrs. Scott

  Mrs. O'Regan and Mrs. Patterson

  Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Lobb


  Kindergarten Prep

   Ms. Allen


  Grade 1 Teachers

  Ms. Hunter (Mrs. O'Neil)

  Mrs. Tigert

  Mrs. Maddock-Dawdy


  Grade 2 Teachers

  Ms. Lake 

  Mrs. Tague

  Mrs. Clark

  Mrs. Pettipiece


 Grade 3 Teachers

  Mrs. Cluett

  Mrs. Pye

  Ms. Churchill

  Ms. Langford


  Learning Support Teacher (LST)

  Mrs. Quance


  Physical Education

   Mrs. Brulotte



   Mrs. Callowhill, Ms. Young


   Library, Classroom Literacy Support (CLST)

   Mrs. Gray



   Mrs. Bishop

   Mrs. Blake-Huse


  Educational Assistants

  Mrs. Overeem

  Mrs.  Granger

  Ms. Gordon


  Speech and Language Pathologist



  Administrative Secretary

  Ms. Harris-Lemko 



  Mr. Critch  - Charge Custodian

  Mr. Webster

  Mr. Nadeau



  Ms. Bolton